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Greatest Teams (16) Set 2 1900-1995

1924 WASH 92-62 .597  Bucky Harris
Why they were selected:  Walter "Big Train" Johnson anchored the staff with a 23-7 record and league leading 2.72 ERA.  Goose Goslin (.344 BA) had a great year to make this team the logical choice to represent the Senators.

Johnson, Walter  R
Martina, Joe  R
Marberry, Firpo   R  
Mogridge, George   L
Ogden, Curly 2   R
Russell, Allen   R
Speece, By   R
Zachary, Tom   L
Zahniser, Paul   R

Ruel, Muddy   R
Shirley, Mule   L
Tate, Bennie   L

Bluege, Ossie   R
Harris, Bucky   R
Judge, Joe   L
Peckinpaugh, Roger   R
Prothro, Doc   R
Taylor, Tommy   R

Fisher, Showboat   L
Goslin, Goose   L
Leibold, Nemo   L
Matthews, Wid   L
MsNeely, Earl   R
Rice, Sam   L

1929 CHI N 98-54   .645   Joe McCarthy
Why they were selected: The 1935 and 1938 Cubs would have been good selections as well, but Rogers Hornsby (.380) and Hack Wilson (.345 BA, 39 HR) give this team some real firepower with a .303 team BA.

Blake, Sheriff   R
Bush, Guy   R
Carlson, Hal   R
Cvengros, Mike   L
Horne, Trader   R
Jonnard, Claude   R
Malone, Pat   R
Nehf, Art   L
Root, Charlie   R

Grace, Earl   L
Gonzalez, Mike   R
Hartnett, Gabby  R
Schulte, Johnny   L
Taylor, Zach 2   R

Beck, Clyde   R
English, Woody   R
Grimm, Charlie   L
Hornsby, Rogers   R
McMillan, Norm   R
Tolson, Chuck   R

Blair, Footsie  L
Cuyler, Kiki   R
Heathcote, Cliff   L
Moore, Johnny   L
Stephenson, Riggs   R
Wilson, Hack   R

1934 STL N 95-58   .621   Frankie Frisch
Why they were selected: The "Gashouse Gang" was as colorful as they were talented with pitching staff leaders Dizzy (30-7) and Daffy Dean.  Pepper Martin, Frankie Frisch and Ripper Collins provided plenty of infield offense for the Cards who lead the league in BA .288 and SLG .425.

Carleton, Tex   R
Dean, Dizzy   R
Dean, Paul   R
Haines, Jesse   R
Hallahan, Wild Bill   L
Mooney, Jim   L
Vance, Dazzy   R
Walker, Bill   L

Davis, Spud   R
DeLancey, Bill   L

Collins, Ripper   B
Crawford, Pat   L
Durocher, Leo   B
Frisch, Frankie   B
Martin, Pepper   R
Mills, Buster   R
Whitehead, Burgess   R

Fullis, Chick 2   R
Medwick, Joe   R
Rothrock, Jack   B
Orsatti, Ernie   L

1934 DET 101-53   .656   Mickey Cochrane
Why they were selected: MVP Hank Greenberg (.328 BA, 36 HR) and Charlie Gehringer lead the Tigers to a league leading .290 BA and .435 SLG.  

Auker, Eldon   R   
Bridges, Tommy   R
Crowder, General   R  
Fischer, Carl   L
Hamlin, Luke   R   
Hogsett, Chief   L
Marberry, Firpo   R
Rowe, Schoolboy   R
Sorrell, Vic   R

Cochrane, Mickey   L
Hayworth, Ray   R

Gehringer, Charlie   L
Greenberg, Hank   R
Owen, Marv   R
Rogell, Billy   B

Doljack, Frank   R
Goslin, Goose   L
Fox, Pete   R
Walker, Gee   R
White, Jo-Jo   L

1946 BOS 104-50   .675   Joe Cronin
Why they were selected:  Ted Williams had another terrific season leading the AL in SLG (.667) and hit .342.  Johnny Pesky hit .335 contributing to the Red Sox AL leading .271 BA and .402 SLG.

Bagby, Jim   R
Brown, Mace   R
Dobson, Joe   R
Dreisewerd, Clem   L
Ferriss, Boo   R
Harris, Mickey   L
Hughson, Tex   R
Klinger, Bob   R
Johnson, Earl   L
Zuber, Bill 2   R

McGah, Ed   R
Partee, Roy   R
Wagner, Hal   L

Andres, Ernie   R
Doerr, Bobby   R
Gutteridge, Don   R
Higgins, Pinky 2   R
Pellagrini, Eddie   R
Pesky, Johnny   L
Russell, Rip   R
York, Rudy   R

Colberson, Leon   R
DiMaggio, Dom   R
McBride, Tom   R
Metkovich, Catfish   L
Moses, Wally 2   L
Williams, Ted   L

1969 NYN 100-62   .617   Gil Hodges
Why they were selected:  The "Miracle Mets" fantastic young pitching staff lead by Tom Seaver (2.21 ERA) and Jerry Koosman (2.28 ERA) makes it a formidable team as evidenced by the upset victory over the 1969 Orioles.

Cardwell, Don   R
DiLauro, Jack   L
Gentry, Gary   R
Koonce, Cal   R
Koosman, Jerry   L
McAndrew, Jim   R
McGraw, Tug   L
Ryan, Nolan   R
Seaver, Tom   R
Taylor, Ron   R

Dyer, Duffy   R
Grote, Jerry   R
Martin, JC   L

Charles, Ed   R
Clendenon, Donn 2   R
Kranepool, Ed   L
Boswell, Ken   L
Harrelson, Bud   B
Garrett, Wayne   L
Pfeil, Bobby   R
Weis, Al   R

Agee, Tommie   R
Gaspar, Rod   B
Jones, Cleon   R
Otis, Amos   R
Shamsky, Art   L
Swoboda, Ron   R

1979 PITT 98-64   .605   Chuck Tanner

Why they were selected:  The "We Are Family" Pirates  lead the NL in runs (775) and SLG (.416).  Bill Madlock, acquired from SF in mid-season finished the season at .328 and cannon-armed rf Dave Parker hit .310 with 25 HR.  Willie Stargell was co-MVP hitting .281 and blasting 32 HR.

Bibby, Jim   R
Blyleven, Bert   R
Candelaria, John   L
Jackson, Grant   L
Kison, Bruce   R
Roberts, Dave 2   L
Robinson, Don   R
Romo, Enrique   R
Rooker, Jim   L
Tekulve, Kent   R

Nicosia, Steve   R
Ott, Ed   L
Sanguillen, Manny R

Berra, Dale   R
Foli, Tim 2   R
Garner, Phil   R
Lacy, Lee   R
Madlock, Bill 2   R
Milner, John   L
Stennett, Rennie   R
Easler, Mike   L
Moreno, Omar   L
Parker, Dave   L
Robinson, Bill   R
Stargell, Willie   L

1981 MON 60-48   .556   Dick Williams  Jim Fanning
Why they were selected: The Expos featured a young nucleus of rising stars Tim Raines (71 SB), Gary Carter and Andre Dawson (.302, .553 SLG) that came within one game of reaching the Expos only World Series appearance.

Bahnsen, Stan   R
Burris, Ray   R
Fryman, Woody   L  
Gullickson, Bill   R
Lea, Charlie   R

Lee, Bill   L
Reardon, Jeff   R
Rogers, Steve   R
Sanderson, Scott   R
Sosa, Elias   R

Carter, Gary   R
Ramos, Bobby   R

Cromartie, Warren   L
Francona, Terry   L
Hutton, Tommy   L
Manuel, Jerry   B
Milner, John   L
Parrish, Larry   R
Scott, Rodney   B
Speier, Chris   R

Dawson, Andre   R
Office, Rowland   L
Raines, Tim   B
White, Jerry   B

1982 CAL 93-69
Why they were selected:  The Angels featured a veteran group of All-Stars that came within one game of the World Series.

Aase, Don   R
Corbett, Doug 2   R
Forsch, Ken   R
Goltz, Dave 2   R
Hassler, Andy   L
John, Tommy 2   L
Kison, Bruce   R
Moreno, Angel   R
Renko, Steve  R
Sanchez, Luis   R
Witt, Mike   R
Zahn, Geoff   L

Boone, Bob   R
Ferguson, Joe   R

Burleson, Rick   R
Carew, Rod   L
DeCinces, Doug   R
Foli, Tim   R
Grich, Bobby   R
Jackson, Ron   R
Kelleher, Mick 2   R
Wilfong, Rob   R

Baylor, Don   R
Beniquez, Juan   R
Clark, Bobby   R
Downing, Brian   R
Jackson, Reggie   L
Lynn, Fred   L

1983 CHI A 99-63   .611   Tony LaRussa
Why they were selected: Chicago had been without a winner in any sport for decades before the White Sox took the AL West title.   

Agosto, Juan   L
Bannister, Floyd   L
Barojas, Salome   R
Burns, Britt   R
Dotson, Rich   R
Hickey, Kevin   L
Hoyt, LaMarr   R
Lamp, Dennis   R
Koosman, Jerry   L
Tidrow, Dick   R

Fisk, Carlton   R
Hill, Marc   R

Cruz, Julio 2   B
Dybzinski, Jerry   R
Fletcher, Scott   R
Gray. Lorenzo   R
Law, Vance   R
Paciorek, Tom   R
Squires, Mike   L
Walker, Greg   L

Baines, Harold   L
Jerry Hairston   B
Kittle, Ron   R
Law, Rudy   L
Luzinski, Greg   R

1984 CHI N 96-65   .596   Jim Frey
Why they were selected: MVP Ryne Sandberg (.314 BA, .520 SLG) and Rick Sutcliffe (16-1 with Chi) lead a veteran club delighting Wrigley Field fans.

Bordi, Rich   R
Brusstar, Warren   R
Eckersley, Dennis 2   R
Frazier, George 2   R
Reuschel, Rick   R
Ruthven, Dick   R
Sanderson, Scott   R
Smith, Lee   R
Stoddard, Tim   R
Sutcliffe, Rick 2   R
Trout, Steve   L

Davis, Jody   R
Hassey, Ron   L
Lake, Steve   R

Bowa, Larry   B
Cey, Ron   R
Durham, Leon   L
Hebner, Richie   L
Lopes, Davey 2   R
Owen, Dave   B
Sandberg, Ryne   R
Veryzer, Tom   R

Bosley, Thad   L
Cotto, Henry   R
Dernier, Bob   R
Johnstone, Jay   L
Matthews, Gary   R
Moreland, Keith   R
Woods, Gary   R

1984 SD 92-70   .568   Dick Williams
Why they were selected:  Tony Gwynn lead the NL in BA at .351 to take the Padres to their first World Series.

Booker, Greg   R  
DeLeon, Luis   R
Dravecky, Dave   L
Gossage, Goose   R
Harris, Greg 2   R
Hawkins, Andy   R
Lefferts, Craig   L
Lollar, Tim   L
Show, Eric   R
Thurmond, Mark   L
Whitson, Ed   R

Bochy, Bruce   R
Kennedy, Terry   L

Bevacqua, Kurt   R
Flannery, Tim   L
Garvey, Steve   R
Nettles, Graig   L
Ramirez, Mario   R
Salazar, Luis   R
Summers, Champ   L
Templeton, Garry   B
Wiggins, Alan   B

Brown, Bobby   B
Gwynn, Tony   L
Martinez, Carmelo   R
McReynolds, Kevin   R

1986 HOU 96-66  .593   Hal Lanier
Why they were selected: The Astros took the highly regarded Mets to the limit in the NLCS.  Mike Scott was NL MVP with a 2.22 ERA.

Andersen, Larry 2   R
Calhoun, Jeff   L
Darwin, Danny 2   R
Deshaies, Jim   L
Keough, Matt 2   R
Kerfeld, Charlie   R
Knepper, Bob   L
Lopez, Aurelio   R
Ryan, Nolan   R
Scott, Mike   R
Smith, Dave   R
Solano, Julio   R

Ashby, Alan   R
Bailey, Mark   B
Mizerock, John   R

Davis, Glenn   R
Doran, Bill   R
Garner, Phil   R
Lopes, Davey   R
Pankovits, Jim   R
Reynolds, Craig   L
Thon, Dickie   R
Walling, Denny   L

Bass, Kevin   R
Cruz, Jose   L
Gainey, Ty   L
Hatcher, Billy   R
Puhl, Terry   L

1986 BOS 95-66   .590   John McNamera
Why they were selected:  Cy Young winner Roger "Rocket" Clemens finished at 24-4 with a 2.48 ERA as the Red Sox came within one game of the World Championship.

Boyd, Oil Can   R
Clemens, Roger   R
Crawford, Steve   R
Hurst, Bruce   L
Lollar, Tim   L
Nipper, Al   R
Sambito, Joe   L
Schiraldi, Calvin   R
Seaver, Tom 2   R
Sellers, Jeff   R
Stanley, Bob   R
Stewart, Sammy   R

Gedman, Rich   L
Sullivan, Marc   R

Barrett, Marty   R
Boggs, Wade   L
Buckner, Bill   L
Owen, Spike    B
Romero, Ed   R
Stapleton, Dave   R

Armas, Tony   R
Baylor, Don   R
Evans, Dwight   R
Greenwell, Mike   L
Henderson, Dave  R
Rice, Jim   R

1991 MIN 95-67   .586   Tom Kelly
Why they were selected: The Twins made an unprecedented leap from last to first and a World Series title.  Kirby Puckett (.319) helped lead the Twins to a AL best .280 BA and 1557 runs scored.

Abbott, Paul   R 
Aguilera, Rick   R
Anderson, Allan   L
Bedrosian, Steve   R
Erickson, Scott   R
Guthrie, Mark   L
Leach, Terry   R
Morris, Jack   R
Tapani, Kevin   R
West, David   L
Willis, Carl   R

Harper, Brian   R
Ortiz, Junior   R
Webster, Lenny   R

Bush, Randy   L
Gagne, Greg   R
Hrbek, Kent   L
Knoblauch, Chuck   R
Larkin, Gene   L
Leius, Scott   R
Newman, Al   B
Pagliarulo, Mike   L
Sorrento, Paul   L

Davis, Chili   B
Gladden, Dan   R
Mack, Shane   R
Munoz, Pedro   R
Puckett, Kirby   R

1995 CLE 100-44 .694  Mike Hargrove
Why they were selected:  A blend of veterans and emerging young core of stars makes this team one of the Indians best.  Albert Belle had a monster season hitting 50 HR and slugging .690.

Assenmacher, Paul   L
Black, Bud   L
Clark, Mark   R
Embree, Alan   L
Grimsley, Jason   R
Hershiser, Orel   R
Hill, Ken   R
Martinez, Dennis   R
Mesa, Jose   R
Nagy, Charles   R
Ogea, Chad   R
Plunk, Eric   R
Poole, Jim   L
Tavarez, Julian   R

Alomar Jr., Sandy   R
Pena, Tony   R

Baerga, Carlos   B
Espinosa, Alvaro   R
Murray, Eddie   B
Perry, Herbert   R
Sorrento, Paul   L
Thome, Jim   L
Vizquel, Omar   B

Amaro, Ruben   B
Belle, Albert   R
Kirby, Wayne   L
Lofton, Kenny   L
Ramirez, Manny   R
Winfield, Dave   R

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