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1) Make sure you have run setup and registered all of your season disks so you can select from any of those seasons.

2) Select Create Organization from the Organization menu.

3) Choose the Don't copy Org option

On this same screen select one of your season organizations that might have the largest group of All Century selections (this is just to save a bit of time so you don't have to import as many teams). You might for example select 1998.

Click Next

4) Select Copy and Release

Click Next

5) Organizational Information

Name: All Century

Commissioner: Keneshaw Landis

Injuries: Select Yes (Game tracks) Note: this will be operative in v2.0

Warmup Pitchers: Select Yes

Use Utility: Select Yes

Click Finish

6) Select "Select/Edit/Delete" from the Organization menu.

Select the new All Century Organization you have created.

Click Finish

7) Select "Modify Organization" from the Organization menu.

Click New League

Name: All Century

President: Warren Giles

Make any other selections as you choose.

Click Save New League

Click New Division

Name: East

Select All Century League from the pulldown window

Click New Team

Name: AL

Division: Select All Century East

Nickname: Blank

Shortname: AL

City: AL

Stadium: Select Yankee Stadium

Click Save New Team

Click New Team

Name: NL

Division: Select All Century East

Nickname: Blank

Shortname: NL

City: NL

Stadium: Select Wrigley Field

Click Save New Team

8) Select "Import Players" from the Organization menu.

Use the Top left scrolling window to select a season to import

Use the Bottom left scrolling window to select a team from that season to import

Click the "Add Team" Button

Continue until you have added the teams from each season you want in your All Century Organization.

9) Select "Modify Rosters" from the Rosters menu.

Select either the AL or NL team

Select Player

Click Draft

Continue until you have completed both your batter and pitcher rosters for each team.

Note: I had 713 Pitchers available and 959 Batters. I had my selections created in advance by researching both my DYNASTY cards and Baseball Encylopedias. Then I just typed in the last letter of the players name in the Find box.

Click Finished

10) Play Ball!

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