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If you watch ESPN Classic Sports or watched the original HR Derby you remember how it featured the greats of the 50's and 60's in a one-on-one nine inning HR matchup.

We decided to put together a HR Derby that was faithful to the original with some of today's players.

  The top HR hitters were selected over the past two years with their best HR performance selected.

  For each matchup, the weather was determined separately using September Day game.

  Here is the way we set up the HR Derby brackets:

The four AL contestants played in Camden Yards - ranked as one of the top HR parks in the AL

  Home team player was selected by who had the most HR from 1996-1997.  Despite the shorter fence dimensions in right field, the higher 25 foot right field wall makes Camden Yard a park that for the most part, favors neither a LH or RH hitter.

Ken Griffey Jr. Sea 1997 56 HR  vs.

Jose Canseco Bos 1996 28 HR

Note: This matchup is closer than it looks. Canseco hit his 28 HR in only 96 games with Boston.

Juan Gonzalez Tex 1996 47 HR vs. Rafael Palmeiro Bal 1997 38 HR

  The four NL contestants played in Wrigley Field - ranked as one of the top HR parks in the NL  The wind was blowing out at 10-19 mph with the temperature in the 80's for our HR Derby.

  Mark McGwire StL 1997 58 HR vs. Sammy Sosa Chi 1996 40 HR

Note: Sosa's 40 HR in 124 games (projects to 52 over a 162 game season) and McGwire's 58 HR approach their 1998 performance.

Larry Walker Col 1997 49 HR vs.

Barry Bonds 1996 42 HR


HR Derby Special Rules:

1) A RH and LH batting practice pitcher

is created.

Batting Practice Pitcher Card:

500-513 Bizarre?
514-540 Umpire?
541-588 Infield Range?
589-608 Outfield Range?
609-999 Deep Drive?

  The RH pitcher pitches innings 1-5. The LH pitcher pitches innings 6-9.

  2) All results are Outs except HR, Walks, Hit By Pitch and any Bizarre results that return you to normal play sequence.

  Determining Distance of HR off Hitter's card

Note: You can determine the distance for HR hit off a hitter's card by using the distance charts and adjustments. If a HR falls below the feet necessary for a HR when calculating the distance, assume the lowest number of feet to clear the fence.                              

  DYNASTY Windows version HR Derby

You can use the new v1.88 version to include players from different seasons in a new HR Derby organization. 

1) Create a New organization

2) Select don't copy organization

3) Select copy and release

4) Select modify roster

5) Select a first team with 9 hitters and a RH and LH pitcher

6) Select a second team with 9 hitters and a RH and LH pitcher

7) Select Exhibition mode in the Pregame setup
Note: Exhibition mode is the only mode that allows you to place players in your lineup at positions that they did not play during the season.

8) Select your lineup. You can click on the yellow position boxes to change positions to fill out the lineup. This allows you to put players in positions they did not play during the season.

9) Print out box scores after each HR Derby matchup so you can total the leaders.

Note: Our RH batting practice pitchers included Dan Naulty and Kevin Jarvis (2.3 HR/9). Our LH batting practice pitcher was Scott Alred (2.3 HR/9). They have to love being selected as a batting practice pitcher in a HR Derby contest.

You'll need to create two teams of 9 players for your tournament. Instead of matching up one player vs. another, you will seed the players in the batting order by the number of HR hit and then play a nine inning game.  The player with the most HR after seven games is the HR Derby Winner. You can print the box score to keep track of the HR results.

  Who won the HR Derby? We won't spoil your fun so we'll keep our results a secret, but you can find out for yourself by having your own HR Derby.  We will tell you that when McGwire and Sosa hooked up, windows on on Waveland and Sheffield Avenues were boarded up as numerous balls were bouncing off buildings outside Wrigley Field

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