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Game 1 StL at NY Old Yankee Stadium 1937-1973    
October 6 Day game Rained out prior to start

Game 1 StL at NY Old Yankee Stadium 1937-1973    
October 7 Day game

Game 2 StL at NY Old Yankee Stadium 1937-1973    
October 8 Day game Rained out thru 4 innings

Game 2 StL at NY Old Yankee Stadium 1937-1973    
October 9 Day game

Off Day Travel                                                                
October 10

Game 3 NY at StL Sportsmans Park 1956-1965                
October 11 Day game

Game 4 NY at StL Busch Stadium 1977-1991 Turf          
October 12 Night game

Game 5 NY at StL Busch Stadium 1996-Present            
October 13 Night game

Off Day Travel                                                                
October 14

Game 6 StL at NY Yankee Stadium 1976-Present
October 15 Night game

Game 7 StL at NY Yankee Stadium 1976-Present
October 16 Night game

Five different Ball Parks from different eras were used to play the series.
The DYNASTY League Baseball simulation game factors in ball park effects for HR, 3B and 2B in seven different outfield locations (left field line, left field,
left-center field, center field, right-center field, right field and right field line)
based on distances in feet and how well the ball carries (temperature and
wind for each ball park by month and time of day are also factored in).
Additional ball park effects include foul territory, fence height, visibility
and playing surface condition.

The games were played live face-to-face over the internet using the
DYNASTY League Baseball computer version which is a direct translation of the board version. 

New York native and life-long Yankee fan Steve Mitrakos, currently living in
San Franciso, CA made the Yankee All-Star selections and skippered the
1950-2000 Yankees.  Growing up in ‘70’s, Steve’s favorite players were Bobby Murcer, Ron Blomberg and Roy White.  He enjoyed listening and emulating Yankee announcers Bill White and Phil “Scooter” Rizzuto, “Holy Cow!”  

Pursue the Pennant and DYNASTY League Baseball game designer
Michael Cieslinski piloted the Cardinals. Cieslinski grew up in Milwaukee
in the era between the Milwaukee Braves leaving for Atlanta and the
Seattle Pilots still on their way to Milwaukee to become the Brewers.
His adopted life-long team became the Cardinals following them with
Jack Buck on KMOX radio and making trips to Wrigley Field in Chicago
and Busch stadium in St. Louis.


St. Louis Cardinals 1950-2000 franchise All-Stars roster


'69 L. Brock                   L

'00 J. Edmonds              L

'69 C. Flood                   R

'97 R. Lankford               L

'96 W. McGee               B



'82 K. Hernandez            L

'82 T. Herr                     B

'69 J. Javier                    R

'57 K. Boyer                  R

'98 M. McGwire              R

'57 S. Musial                 L

'00 E. Renteria               R

'93 O. Smith                  B

’93 T. Zeile                    R



'82 D. Porter                  L

'69 T. McCarver              L

'69 J. Torre                    R



'82 J. Andujar                 R

'97 M. Morris                 R

'69 S. Carlton                 L

'97 D. Eckersley             R

'82 B. Forsch                 R

'69 B. Gibson                 R

'69 J. Hoerner                L

'57 L. McDaniel              R

'82 B. Sutter                  R

’82 B. Forsch                 R


New York Yankees 1950-2000 franchise All-Stars roster


'98 B. Williams             B

'98 P. O'Neill                  L

'77 R. Jackson               L

'77 L. Piniella                 R

'77 M. Rivers                  L

'57 M. Mantle                 B

’57 H. Bauer                  R



'99 D. Jeter                    R

'97 T. Martinez               L

’93 D. Mattingly             L

'77 W. Randolph             R

'77 G. Nettles                L

'57 B. Skowron             R

'57 G. McDougald             R

’57 B. Richardson            R



'57 Y. Berra                   L

'77 T. Munson                R



'99 M. Rivera                  R

'98 D. Cone                   R

'97 M. Stanton               L

’77 E. Figueroa              R

'77 R. Guidry                 L

'77 S. Lyle                     L

'57 W. Ford                   L

'57 B. Turley                  R

'57 B. Grim                    R

’57 B. Shantz                L


Currently the DYNASTY League Baseball simulation game has a selection of Cardinal teams from the 50’s, 60’s, 80’s, 90’s and 00’s and Yankee teams from the 50’s, 70’s, 90’s and 00’s.   DYNASTY League Baseball will be expanding to include many more seasons and teams.

The Actual batting breakdowns vs. LH and RH are included. Each season uses the league averages and matching ball park effects to normalize for cross-era performance.  The franchise All-Stars were selected on a combination of their being a true franchise player for that team and a peak season from those available was selected.  Jim Edmonds, Matt Morris and Edgar Renteria are projected to be franchise Cardinals into the current decade so they were included despite a short tenure with the Cardinals.

The decision of which Ozzie Smith season to select may have very well sealed the fate of the series in game 7. Currently, 1982, 1993, 1994 and 1996 Ozzie Smith seasons are available. Ozzie ‘93 was selected over Ozzie’s ‘82 season because of a higher BA and SLG, but still very good basestealing, baserunning, excellent range and very good fielding percentage (Error rating). 

While Ozzie Smith displayed excellent range and very good fielding percentage in 1993, the 1982 season saw him reach a Range Factor of 5.86 (total chances/G) that not only lead the league, but was the greatest defensive range performance in the history of baseball. Ozzie’s 1982 fielding pct. of .984 lead the league that year, earning him a 90 Error rating on a scale of 100. Not having Ozzie’s ’82 90 Error rating in place of Ozzie’s ’93 Error rating of 70 became one of the most crucial plays of Game 7 and the series.


                            BA         SLG     OBP            SB/CS  BR            Steal 2 3 H               
Ozzie Smith ’93 .288       .356      .337            21/8      8            4/6/1  

Range   Error     DP
A          70            0

                             BA            SLG     OBP            SB/CS  BR            Steal 2 3 H   
Ozzie Smith ’82 .248            .314      .342            25/5      9            6/4/1                 

Range   Error      DP
A+        90            -5


Most of the ratings in DYNASTY League Baseball are based on a grading system from A-F, or a numerical system from 1-10.

A+        Truly great performance ranking with best of all-time.
         Excellent, tops in the league for the season.
B+        A notch below the best in the league.
B          Very Good, clearly above average.
C+        Slightly above average.
C          Average, middle-of-the-pack.
D          Poor, mediocre at best.
F          Bad, rock bottom. 

Error ratings: Range from 5 to 100 in increments of 5, with 100 the highest possible fielding percentage.

Throwing ratings for outfielders and catchers:  Range from -4 (performance ranking with best of all-time) to +4 (rock bottom).  

 Double Play Pivot ratings for 2b and ss:  Are either -5 (tops in the league for the season), +5 (rock bottom) or blank (middle-of-the-pack).

Game 1 StL at NY Old Yankee Stadium 1937-1973     October 7 Day game

After Game 1 was rained out by heavy thunderstorms on October 6 in New York, the series began in 80 degree weather during the afternoon with occasional drizzle and wind blowing right to left at 10-19 mph. Bob Gibson and Ron Guidry dueled to a 2-2 deadlock into the 8th with Guidry getting out of numerous jams. Thurman Munson’s solo HR to left field in the bottom of the 8th inning broke a 2-2 tie to give the Yankees the lead. Mariano Rivera came on to pitch a perfect 9th to earn the save. The Cardinals out-hit the Yankees 10-3, but struggled to deliver clutch hits.
StL 2 at NY 3


Game 2 StL at NY Old Yankee Stadium 1937-1973     October 8 Day game Rained out thru 4 innings

The Cardinals jumped all over starter Whitey Ford with Mark McGwire and Ken Boyer hitting back to back HR to propel the Cardinals to a 5-2 lead going into the 5th inning. Joaquin Andujar started for the Redbirds giving up 2 runs on 4 hits. A torrential downpour came down to start the 5th canceling the game and erasing what may very well have been a Cardinal victory.

Game 2 StL at NY Old Yankee Stadium 1937-1973     October 9 Day game

The rain out from yesterday caused both pitching rotations to be juggled. Steve Carlton and David Cone matched up in the re-scheduled Game 2.  The Cardinals struck first in the 2nd with back-to-back HR by McGwire and Edmonds vs. Cone to give the Cardinals a 2-0 lead. The lead was short-lived as the Yankees stormed back vs. Steve Carlton  with a 2 out 2-run HR from Yogi Berra followed by a 3 run third to knock Carlton out of the game. The Yanks never looked back building a 8-2 lead as Mickey Mantle went 2-4 with 2 RBI.
StL 2 at NY 8


Game 3 NY at StL Sportsmans Park 1956-1965    October 11 Day game

Bob Turley and Bob Gibson matched each other in a pitching duel for the first 4 innings. In the bottom of the 5th, Turley lost his control walking the first two batters. Lou Brock delivered a two-run single and Ozzie Smith followed with a two-run triple for 4 runs in the 5th.  That was all the runs the Cardinals would need as Bob Gibson held the Yankees to 6 hits for a 8-1 Cardinal victory in Sportsmans Park. Mickey Mantle hit his 2nd HR of the series for the Yankees only run.
NY 1 at StL 8


Game 4 NY at StL Busch Stadium 1977-1991 October 12 Night game

Mickey Mantle got the Yankees back on track with a 1st inning two-run HR off Joaquin Andujar. Andujar settled down the rest of the way yielding to lefty Joe Hoerner in the 8th. Willie McGee and Julian Javier provided RBI singles to tie the game in the 5th.  It was not until the bottom of the 13th that Curt Flood would become the Cardinal hero with a two out RBI single off Bobby Shantz to give the Cardinals a 3-2 victory. Dennis Eckersley who pitched 1 inning of scoreless relief earned the win while Bruce Sutter pitched 3 innings of shutout relief to help hold the Yankees scoreless since the 1st inning. Whitey Ford, Sparky Lyle, Bob Grim and Bobby Shantz held the Cardinals to only 5 hits over 13 innings.
NY 2 at StL 3

Game 5 NY at StL Busch Stadium 1996-Present October 13 Night game

Don Mattingly’s clutch two-run HR off Joe Hoerner with two-out in the top of the 7th gave the Yankees a 2-1 lead that they would not relinquish. Graig Nettles followed with a solo shot giving the Yankees back-to-back HR with two out. Mariano Rivera came on to record his 2nd save by getting pinch-hitter Mark McGwire for the last out of the game with McGwire representing the tieing run at the plate. Starters Bob Forsch and David Cone both pitched well with Cone earning his 2nd win of the series giving the Yankees a 3-2 lead in the series.
NY 3 at StL 1


Game 6 StL at NY Yankee Stadium 1976-Present            October 15 Night game

Mark McGwire hammered a Ron Guidry fastball into the upper deck in left-field for a grand slam HR in the 2nd lnning to lead the Cardinals to a 10-2 mauling of the Yankees. McGwires HR was part of a six-run inning and was all Cardinal starter Bob Gibson would need as he moved his series record to 2-1. Ken Boyer went 3-5 including a triple and Ozzie Smith 2-3 including a double for the 15 hit Cardinal attack. Big Mac raised his series BA to .385 with his 2-5 performance.
StL 10 at NY 2


Game 7 StL at NY Yankee Stadium 1976-Present            October 16 Night game

History had to be on the Cardinals’ side.  Back in ’26 and ’64 they were in a 3-3 World Series deadlock against these very same Yankees and came out the victor.  Their expectations were high.  But since their 1982 World Series comeback win against the Brewers, the Cardinals have suffered more heartache than victory.  And on this day in Yankee Stadium, it was heartache that won out for the Cardinals.  Leading 5-2 in the 9th inning with ‘70’s relief ace Bruce Sutter on the mound, the Cardinals could taste victory.  Not even a lead-off home run by Graig Nettles dampened the Cardinals spirits, but something was brewing.  A harmless fly ball to cf secured the first out, but then a shot down to third base handcuffed Boyer for a two-base error (Boyer had a interesting defensive rating in 1957.  He had an “A+” range rating (Truly great performance ranking with best of all-time, but a sub-par fielding percentage with a ‘15’ error rating).  A ground single to center scored the runner from second to make it a 5-3.  Then gold-glover Keith Hernandez made a diving stop on a shot drilled down the first base line to get the second out, with the runner advancing to second.  And then the play that will live in infamy.  A routine game-ending, ground ball by Don Mattingly, scooted under the glove of Ozzie Smith, scoring the runner from second to make it 5-4 and bring the winning run to home plate.  Bruce Sutter faced Bernie Williams with two-outs and the game and hearts of the Cardinal fans on the line.  Williams launched one deep over the wall in straight away center for a 2-out, 2-run, walk-off Homerun. 
StL 5 at NY 6


There was a tie in the voting for series MVP between David Cone 2-0 1.62 ERA and Mark McGwire BA .412, SLG 1.000, OBP .545 with 3 HR and 9 RBI to lead all batters.

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