A few quick tips to make playing easier and add a bit of suspense

By Michael Cieslinski

If you are a DYNASTY League Baseball veteran, by now you've developed your own rhythm of playing the board version.
There may be a couple of things you've overlooked so these tips can benefit not only "rookies", but also "veterans".

1) Keep the Range and Error charts always visible
The spiral bound game charts are designed to be used with the Range and Error charts laying flat side by side so they are always visible.  The reason is simple - you use these charts much more than any other charts in the game so always have them easily accessible.  You can easily flip back to the Ground Ball advancement chart one page to the left.  Stealing is always on the back page.  Bizarre plays are the least accessible (two page flips to the right) since they rarely come up.  All remaining charts are one page to the right.

2) Organize your playing cards into a home and visitor side on opposite sides of the table with four stacks of player cards plus each starting pitcher.

Starting Pitcher

Batting order

Starting Pitchers in rotation



Solitaire setup pictured above

Note the "stacks" for each team on either side of the score sheet.  Weather charts and rulebook are
on top in the least accessible area since they are used infrequently.  Storage box is the same one
sold at the Ticket Window ITEM # Box.

Face to face setup shown above

Note how face to face play is the reverse image of playing solitaire with each player facing off vs. his opponent and having all charts easily accessible.

3) Determining the "number you need" before you roll the dice can greatly increase the suspense.  
You'll notice this especially when rolling on the Deep Drive chart.  Before you roll determine what die roll you need to generate enough distance in feet for a HR.  For example, if you are playing in Turner Field in Atlanta and there is a Deep Drive to right center, you'll need a distance of 400 feet for a HR.  If the batter has B Power, the wind is 0-9 MPH (0), the temperature is in the 70's (+5) and the ball carries +10 in Turner Field, you'll need to roll a distance of 385 feet for a HR.  Remember a HR to right center on the Turner Field ball park chart is 400 feet plus you'll be getting an additional 15 feet because of the adjustments so you'll only need to roll a distance of 385 feet or # 0-77. 

If you know you need 0-77 to hit a HR before you roll the dice there will be instant drama when the dice hit the table!

You can do the same with Range results, Error charts results, Steal and Baserunner advancement results.

Have fun rolling the dice!