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By Rick Queary

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The Fat Elvis Baseball Collective is now in it's third season and we only use the board version of the game. We can play "live" in the virtual face-to-face AOL chat rooms. 

During our short three season we've played over
900 games online.

AOL has dice roller built into their chat system that allows each player to make dice rolls as necessary (we use three 10-sided dice). The rolls are viewed by anyone in the chat room, so there can be no cheating.

Not everyone in the league has AOL, so we've figured out a way around that using AIM (free download) in order to allow everyone to be able to play online. 

The following are instructions on how to play games online using the DYNASTY board version. The Fat Elvis Baseball Collective has been playing online for three years. We've found online play to be fun and eventful. During our All Star Games, it's not uncommon to see 2/3 of the league show up just to watch the game being played out. This is the next best thing to playing face-to-face. It's allowed our league to start with eight teams and grow to 16 in just one year. We've continued to be successful in great part to our ability to play in a virtual face-to-face league using chatrooms.

Though AOL use to be the only way to play, AIM has now made the dice roller accessible to it's users using a short programming code. Read on for basic instructions.

For those with AOL use the following instructions:

1. Select a private chatroom for you and your opponent.

2. Choose KEYWORD from the menu bar and type in DICE

3. Select 3 dice.

Now you and your opponent can play the game. When the manager is set for play, type any managerial moves and an asterisk (*) . After both managers have shown that they are ready (indicated by the *), the pitcher will roll the dice by clicking on the 10 sided dice.

Rolls such as: 8 10 6 would be translated to 806.

Here is an example of how it would look in the chat room:

riqr: scott rolen (infield in)*

jayv: bunt*

ONLINEHOST: riqr rolled 3 10-sided dice: 6 8 2

jayv: rolen's bunt rating is an F

riqr: sac 1-3

We always roll three dice. The last die will indicate position (if necessary). For the example above, 68 would be the bunt roll and 2 would be the position roll. This bunt was a sacrifice hit to the pitcher.

If only two dice are necessary, we use the first two. If only one die is necessary, use only the first one. But always roll three. Saves for mistakes and longer games (changing dice numbers).

For Non-AOL users: AIM
AIM is a free downloadable program from AOL. You can download it at

It will allow you to set up a
chat room the same way AOL does. The only difference is that the dice roller is not automatic. 

You must use a program code to generate the dice rolls. 
Type in: 


Then hit enter. 

The easiest way is just to cut and paste this code.

A random dice roll will automatically show in the chat room so that everyone in the chat room
sees it.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Thanks and "PLAY BALL!!"

Rick Queary

AIM screen name: RIQR

1969 Dodgers  vs. 1969 Expos in Jarry Park:

Rick Queary and Michael Cieslinski faced off for a live board game in an AOL chat room on Sunday August 26, 2001. The procedure is very easy to learn if you are familiar with board game play.  The chat code is cut and pasted so you have instant 0-999 dice rolls in the chat room. 

The game was played on a rainy April day in Jarry Park with the wind blowing in at 20-29 mph.  Dodger starter Jim Bunning was rocked by Rusty “Le Grand Orange” Staub’s crew and Bill Stoneman pitched a complete game for the Expos 10-3 win.

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