DYNASTY League Baseball is the successor to Pursue the Pennant.

Pursue the Pennant debuted in 1985 and is no longer published.  Pursue the Pennant Game Designer Michael Cieslinski designed DYNASTY League Baseball using an upgraded version of the original Pursue the Pennant game engine. 

The DYNASTY League Baseball Board version is even more realistic and attractive than Pursue the Pennant and yet easier to play. 

If you've played Pursue the Pennant, you'll find it very easy to play the DYNASTY League Baseball Board version because the games are so similar.  What you'll appreciate is the color coded situation results and game charts that make the game flow much easier.

DYNASTY League Baseball Online available for both Windows OS and Apple Mac OS makes tournament and draft league play much easier, faster and more fun and also has solitaire play formats that give you Total Access to the entire library of DYNASTY League Baseball seasons.

DYNASTY League Baseball Online is the first and only real time multi-player Baseball simulation game that updates stats, standings, leaders and brackets for both Greatest Team bracket tournaments and continuous draft leagues without having to export and import files.

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