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The 2010 World Series played live at AT&T Park and The Ball Park at Arlington with DYNASTY League Baseball Online

The 2010 All-Star Game played by Steve Gardner and Mike Cieslinski with the new DYNASTY League Baseball Online version.

USA TODAY Sports Weekly Fantasy columnist Steve Gardner gives a first person look at what it is like to play in an Official DYNASTY League Baseball Online version continuous draft league.  You'll also enjoy a look back at the start of Pursue the Pennant and DYNASTY League Baseball.

USA TODAY Baseball Editor Steve Gardner and Mike Cieslinski pre-played each game of the 2009 World Series with some amazingly realistic results.

 Box scores, game summaries and screen shots are included in the USA TODAY Baseball Fantasy Windup blog

USA TODAY was able to write the game headlines before the actual game was played!

Screen shot below is from the new DYNASTY League Baseball Online version that was used to play each game face to face live over the internet.

Above: Final out of the October 3, 1982 season finale clinching AL East title for Brewers played with the upcoming DYNASTY League Baseball Online version.

October 17, 2009
Simulation set to reveal 2009 World Series results, but first, the Brewers are at the Orioles for the October 3, 1982 finale with Don Sutton facing Jim Palmer for all the marbles...

Baseball Daily Digest

January 25, 2010
Joe Hamrahi interviews Michael Cieslinski to talk about the development of his fascinating baseball simulation Dynasty League Baseball

FAN 590 Radio Toronto

Miked Up

Toronto Blue Jays FAN 590 Radio host Mike Wilner talks about DYNASTY League Baseball and our 2009 World Series pre-play.

July 13, 2009
NEWS FLASH: What if they really played the All-Star Game to win?

NEWS FLASH: Landmark Baseball Simulation Determines Greatest Teams Tournament Winner: 1957 Milwaukee Braves

Landmark Baseball Simulation Game Lets You Pre-play Each Game of the 2006 World Series: CBS plays out Series

REVIEW Dynasty League Baseball

USA TODAY Sports Weekly's Devin Clancy reviews the Dynasty League Baseball
Windows version in the May 16-22, 2007 issue.
  Devin Clancy's review features a deja vu bloody sock game from Game 6 of the 2004 Yankees vs. Red Sox ALCS.

Devin Clancy

In Hobby Games: The 100 Best, the top designers, authors, and publishers in the hobby games field write about the most enjoyable and cleverly designed games of the last fifty years. 

DYNASTY League Baseball is selected among the 100 Best Games of the last 50 years and is reviewed by William W. Connors.

Replay! Magazine Review
Steve Lopez takes an in-depth look at the successor to the Pursue the Pennant Baseball Board Game and Baseball Computer Game. Includes views of the 1982 Paul Molitor and Dennis Martinez player cards as well as a description of how the game is played.

"I have received the 3rd edition charts and played my first game which I enjoyed greatly. I find your layout very easy to grasp and realistic.

For years I played the old Pursue the Pennant computer game now called (....) which is very accurate and has pitch by pitch options, but it left me wanting more. Your web page nailed it on the head with the
quote from your friend Dave about not wanting magic and the need for transparency. I have tried other games (.....) (fun and has a nice grassroots gamer base but weak realism) and the (.....) computer game (excellent but pricey--after reading their super advance rules there is no way  I would attempt their board game). 

I will be playing a greatest team tournament while I am on the road covering stories for ESPN.  Congratulations on a great game and even finer service."

Andrew Lockett - ESPN Outside the lines Producer

A look back at the start of Pursue the Pennant and the core game design of DYNASTY League Baseball.  The Sporting News Executive News Editor Bob McCoy reports in his Keeping Score column on what might have happened in the 1985 World Series between the Kansas City Royals and St. Louis Cardinals.

This Dynasty has everything, and then some

"Cieslinski developed the board game Pursue the Pennant, which was an amazingly lifelike representation of baseball.   DYNASTY League Baseball, which is available as both a board game and a computer game, is even better."

The DYNASTY League Baseball Windows version Game and Baseball Board Game version of the 1982 World Series between St. Louis and Milwaukee 
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel column and review by Michael Bauman 

Michael Bauman and Milwaukee Journal columnist

New board game is a fan's dream

  New board game is a fan's dream "Pursue the Pennant" : Baseball's Monopoly?

Milwaukee Journal columnist Michael Bauman reports on Baseball's Monopoly on realism

Yanks Control Board Meeting

Yanks Control Board Meeting
Milwaukee Journal columnist Michael Bauman plays with Mike Cieslinski in a game in the visitors dugout that left us all smiling

Arizona Diamondbacks Official Magazine Review

"DYNASTY League Baseball is, without contest, the most realistic baseball simulation on the market today."
Publications Editor Greg Salvatore reviews DYNASTY as the 2001 Diamondbacks square off vs. the 2001 Red Sox.

July 2004 Edition of Diamondbacks Magazine.  Official Publication of the Diamondbacks sold at Bank One Ball Park.

Game Puts Baseball On Board

USA TODAY Baseball writer Chuck Johnson reports on 
DYNASTY League Baseball in the
Sports People column

Games Magazine's Top 100

Games Magazines Best New Sports Game For 1996

CFCY Radio Prince Edward Island Canada
CFCY Radio Host Dave Holland talks about DYNASTY League Baseball, "the epitome of baseball board games" and the Cleveland vs. Atlanta 1994 World Series.

St. Louis Post Dispatch  

St. Louis Post Dispatch columnist Kathleen Nelson: 
Whitey Herzog meets Tony LaRussa in a 1982 vs. 2000 match-up.

Friday June 23, 2000

Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post Dispatch and Mathew Leach of hook up for a Winter game

St. Louis Globe Democrat   
He made it with a roll of the dice
Mike Rappaport reports on a crucial Pennant Race match-up between the 1985 Cardinals and Mets
October 17, 1985

Dynasty League Baseball fever: Catch it
Naples Daily News columnist Ron Hartman
shares his experience playing DYNASTY League Baseball during an Orioles vs. Twins Spring Training game.

Take Me Out to the Virtual Ballgame!

Michael Friedman discusses realism in baseball computer games in the 
review of DYNASTY League Baseball

Here's A Game A Baseball Fan Can Appreciate
Wisconsin State Journal
John Kovalic tells why playing DYNASTY League Baseball is like rooting for the home team

Games with bat-and-ball are older than you think
San Mateo Times columnist Richard C. Moon takes a historical look at DYNASTY in


Page 2 columnist
Jim Caple created his list for Page 2, of the 50 things all baseball fans should do while they still have the chance including playing DYNASTY League Baseball.


Fantasy never as much fun as board's reality

saint.paul.logo.gif (4357 bytes) (10754 bytes) and former Saint Paul Pioneer Press Sports columnist Jim Caple meets with designer Michael Cieslinski for a 1969 playoff rematch between Minnesota and Baltimore. The game was held at the actual home plate of Metropolitan stadium in the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN

chicago.tribune.gif (4402 bytes)
Game Reviewer Phil Vettel reviews DYNASTY in the Christmas Game Review Guide

                 's  Rob Neyer asks Dynasty League Baseball: To walk or not to walk?Monday June 12, 2000's Jim Caple reports on the DYNASTY League Baseball version of the 2002 All-Star Game

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